Sarawak Festivals

Sarawak is famous for many reasons such as culture and glorious nature. Another reason is its numerous festivals which are conducted in this land throughout the year. This variety attracts so many tourists to visit and enjoy the beauty and ambiance of these festivals.

Calendar of Sarawak festivals throughout the year

  1. January:
    • New Years Day

  2. February:
    • Chinese New Year Chinese New Year
    • Pesta Benak (Tidal Bore Carnival)

  3. March:
    • Hari Raya Haji

  4. April:
    • Kaul
    • Baleh Kapit River Safari

  5. May:
    • Miri Jazz Festival

  6. June:
    • Hari GawaiHari Gawai

  7. July:
    • Rainforest World Music Festival

  8. August:
    • Sarawak Festival
    • Sematan Festival

  9. September:
    • Sarawak Regatta

  10. October:
    • Mooncake Festival

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    Sarawak Festivals