About Us

Our team consists of 2 members. Tiong Ying Kiat and Hamid Bagha. We are currently studying Information Technology in Swinburne University, Sarawak. We are from different countries and for this reason we can introduce Sarawak from different points of view .Although it is not possible to explain the glory of Sarawak through a web page, we did our best to explain the Sarawak nature and culture in best possible way in this blog.

Here is some information about us

Name Ying Kiat
Family Name Tiong
Age 18
Hometown Kuching,Sarawak
Course Information Technology
E-mail jacktiong999@hotmail.com

Name Hamid
Family Name Bagha
Age 23
Hometown Tehran,Iran
Course Information Technology
E-mail hamidbagha@gmail.com

Sarawk Flag

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