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Sarawak also known as Land of HornbillsHornbill is one of the Malaysia states which is located on the third world biggest island called Borneo.The capital of Sarawak is Kuching city. This state has mutual border with Indonesia country. Sarawak has such a magnificent nature which can charm any visitor at first glance. The merged beauty of tropical forests and ocean coast has created a memorable ambiance for each tourist. The provided facilities, entertainments and wildlife tours adds to the comfort and enjoyment of tourists. Moreover, the enriched culture and various festivals throughout the year has created another fundamental tourism attraction in Sarawak which encourage everybody to join and enjoy these events. In this site we try to introduce a small portion of Sarawak attractions and some basic information you need before traveling to this wonderful land. We hope these information will be useful for you and encourage you to visit one of the greatest places on earth.

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